Yes, we started fifteen years ago. Today we’re one of the fastest-growing marketing firms in the Northeast. And we’re never satisfied with “just good enough.”

Rising Results, Inc. is a comprehensive niche marketing firm specializing in high-quality, high-return campaign engineering.  Our most valuable asset is our experienced, meticulous sales team, and our secret weapon is the individual attention and personal touch we provide each of our clients.  With over fifteen years of proven excellence in nationwide customer satisfaction, we offer both the creative and technical acumen, and the resource base required of an outsource partner.

At Rising Results, Inc., we integrate the advertiser’s material directly into various publishing platforms in order to maximize our clients’ web-based revenue. Utilizing our proven sales techniques and cost-effective, broad-spectrum media solutions, Rising Results, Inc. will effectively fulfill all of your online campaign initiatives. Whether in working closely with our Client’s own staff, or in leveraging our powerful network of over one hundred twenty five large-scale publishers, Rising Results, Inc. consistently exceeds client expectations on every front.

Our trusted publishers acquire the highest quality leads possible to ensure that your company remains competitive and successful in today’s marketplace. Our experienced sales staff and in-house tech team guarantee prompt and competent response to your company’s needs throughout the campaign. Our attention to detail and the personal relationship we foster with each of our clients ensures that we remain consistent with your company’s unique vision and goals.